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How does a chatbot work?

Definition: What is a chatbot?

What status to choose to sell photos?

When you grow your business as a pro photographer, the choice of legal form is paramount. In addition to the choice of services, photo products for sale or the market in which to position itself, the legal structure of the company is important. The legal form of the company defines all the rules applicable to the life …

How do you set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp offers exciting solutions for companies. WhatsApp differentiates according to “WhatsApp for Business” and “WhatsApp Business API”. While “WhatsApp for Business” is free and especially for small businesses, the enterprise version “WhatsApp Business API” offers a professional and privacy-compliant solution for medium and large companies. You’ll learn everything about WhatsApp Business in this editorial: how it works, what it costs,

What surface to receive 30 people?

What space to expect? How many guests per m²? … Many questions are asked when you want to organize a party. Yes yes me too!